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Monster Vs Aliens(2009) MKV 300MB


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Good, but not quite as good as expected., 2 April 2009
Author: jhmocha from United States

Monsters Vs. Aliens has some really funny moments, but by the time you get to see them on the big screen you've already seen them plenty of times on the small one. So there's not too much left to offer by buying a ticket. I thought the 3D was OK. They have a couple of moments specifically designed around flexing the 3d capabilities, but again nothing mind-blowing.

The story revolves around the gigantic Susan (Reese Witherspoon) while pushing all the more interesting characters out of the spotlight. Susan is someone we've all seen in movies before. The victim of an unfortunate mishap leading her down a path she would rather not go down. So the plot follows the same course from there, feels pretty routine. Focusing more on the three other monsters would have made this a better movie. They're much more interesting and only get a small handful of moments to shine throughout the picture.

That was probably the biggest letdown. Having some great comedic potential in the characters voiced by Hugh Laurie, and Will Arnett take a back seat ride. No complaints about Seth Rogen's B.O.B. though, he was great. Kiefer Sutherland was surprisingly good as the General. I underestimated his vocal range.

Finally they made a big deal about Stephen Colbert playing the President, and there wasn't enough of him. All of his funny moments, except for the scene after some of the credits, saturated the coming attractions and commercials. I would have liked to see more of his character.

Overall, its enjoyable. I like to see elements of classic old genres (like the classic monster movies of the 50's and 60's) brought to life in modern day CGI. I just thought this movie had more up its sleeve than it was showing me.

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